Mandalar Degree College

Subject Curriculum

မ-၁၀၀၁ ပင်ရင်းမြန်မာစာ မ-၁၀၀၂ ပင်ရင်းမြန်မာစာ
Eng-1001 English Eng-1002 English
Bot-1101 Plant Biology Bot-1102 Basic Concepts of Applied Botany
AM-1001 Aspects of Myanmar AM-1002 Aspects of Myanmar
Zool-1001 Zoology Zool-1002 Zoology
Chem-1001 Chemistry Chem-1002 Chemistry
Eng. 2001 English Eng. 2002 English
Bot. 2101 Survey of Plant Kingdom I Bot. 2106 Survey of Plant Kingdom II
Bot. 2102 Angiosperms I Bot. 2107 Angiosperms II
Bot. 2103 Genetics I Bot. 2108 Genetics II
Bot. 2104 Plant Ecology Bot. 2109 Horticulture
Zool. 2001 Zoology Zool. 2002 Zoology
Eng. 3001 English Eng-3002 English
Bot. 3101 Medicinal Plants Bot-3107 Cell Biology
Bot. 3102 Plant Cytology and Anatomy Bot-3108 Bot-3108
Bot. 3103 Plant Physiology I Bot-3109 Plant Physiology II
Bot. 3104 Environmental Biology Bot-3110 Biodiversity and Conservation
Bot. 3105 Floristics and Herbarium Techniques Bot-3111 Plant Tissue Culture
Eng. 4001 English Eng. 4002 English
Bot. 4101 Plant Systematics Bot. 4107 Applied Ecology
Bot. 4102 Pharmacognosy Bot. 4108 Plant Biotechnology
Bot. 4103 Microbiology Bot. 4109 Applied Microbiology
Bot. 4104 Biochemistry Bot. 4110 Biostatistics
Bot. 4105 Research Methodology Bot. 4111 Molecular Biology
Eng. 3001 English Eng-3002 English
Bot. 3201 Medicinal Plants Bot-3207 Cell Biology
Bot. 3202 Plant Cytology and Anatomy Bot-3208 Cytogenetics
Bot. 3203 Plant Physiology I Bot-3209 Plant Physiology II
Bot. 3204 Environmental Biology Bot-3210 Biodiversity and Conservation
Bot. 3205 Floristics and Herbarium Techniques Bot-3211 Plant Tissue Culture
Eng – 4001/4002 English
Chem – 4201/4207 Inorganic Chemistry
Chem-4202/4208 Physical Chemistry
Chem-4203/4209 Organic Chemistry
Chem-4204/4210 Analytical Chemistry
Chem-4205/4211 Research Methodology & Introduction to Nano chemistry