Mandalar Degree College

Mandalar Degree College is situated on Yangon-Mandalay Highway, in Amarapura Township in Mandaly. It is 47 acres wide. When it was opened on 1.12.2012, it was called Mandalar College. It was upgraded as a degree college on 22.3.2016. It is an affiliated degree college to Yadanabon University and Meikhtilar University of Economics. Students can study ten specializations of arts and science and Tourism Management and Hospitality at Mandalar Degree College. Students who came from distant regions can apply for the permission to live at the male and female hostels. Arrangements are made for the students to be able to use the E-library.

Extra-curricular activities and sport competitions are held annually at Mandalar Degree College. Moreover, students as well as teachers are sent to attend seminars, conferences, symposiums held abroad to improve the quality of the students and the teachers. Moreover, the 8th International Tourism Conference on “South East Asia Countries & India’s Act East Policy was successfully held at Mandalar Degree College from 3.7.2015 to 4.7.2015.

According to the motto: Let’s try to become intellectuals, let’s practice to become men of moral, Mandalar Degree College are teaching, training and nurturing students to become good human resources. Sport competitions are held under the guidance of the principal, teaching staff and supporting staff with the aim of producing clever sport men for the country.


  • Mandalar Degree college will be a university of first choice for students who wish to excel in life through the classroom experiences.


  • To become intelligent and thoughtful citizens for our country
  • To become educated persons who are qualified and respectful to disciplines
  • To practice the students to be able to apply knowledge they got from learning to be successful in Life
  • To serve society as a center of higher learning through teaching and research
  • To be the pioneer of knowledge production that is relevant and responsive to the socio-economic developments of Myanmar and the globe

Our Motto

Try to become an outstanding person, let’s practice to become a good citizen


No Objective of Strategic Plan Action Plan
1 Supporting staff  members to achieve our  vision and missions 1. Promoting infrastructure
2. Promoting teaching aids and material
3. Upgrading staff’s quality
2 Supporting outstanding students as well as educational programs 1. Training the students to obey the  discipline and  to have etiquette and manner
2. Encourage the students to participate in the academic and non-academic activities
3. Provide free Wi-Fi and international standard library
3 Strengthening the university financial resources to support its educational mission 1.  Building Mandalar Educational Foundation
2. Opening H.R.D Courses
4 Inviting guest lecturers to share their knowledge and experiences 1.  Create teaching and learning environments for the students to achieve institutional goals
2. Doing seminar and workshops with internal and external academicians
5 Collaborating  with foreign universities 1.Arrange student exchange and field visit program locally and internationally

Core Values

  • Academic Freedom
  • Autonomy
  • Accountability
  • Equality
  • Excellence
  • Green Environmental
  • Innovativeness
  • Integrity


  • Promoting infrastructure
  • Promoting teacning aids and materials
  • Promoting staff’s quality
  • Training the students to obey the disciplines
  • Training the students to have etiquette and manners
  • Create teaching and learning environments for the students to achieve institutional goals
  • Encourage the students to participate in the academic and non-academic activities