What is Philosophy?

Philosophy refers to the thoughts and ideas that began in Asia Minor around 600 BC. The word “philosophy” comes from the Greek words “philein”, which means “to love” and “soph”, which means “wisdom”. So “philosophy” literally means the “love of wisdom”.

Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems (existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language) with critical, radical and systematical approach and relies on rational argument.

Academic Activities

Subject Curriculum

မ-၁၀၀၁ ပင္ရင္းျမန္မာစာ မ-၁၀၀၂ ပင္ရင္းျမန္မာစာ
Eng-1001 English Eng-1002 English
Phil-1101 Deductive Logic I Phil-1103 Deductive Logic II
Phil-1102 Introduction to Western Philosophy I Phil-1104 Western Philosophy II
AM- 1001 Aspects of Myanmar AM-1002 Aspect of Myanmar
Hist- 1001 Introduction to Myanmar Civilization Hist-1005 Introduction to Myanmar Civilization II
Eng-2001 English Eng-2002 English
Phil-2101 Eastern Philosophy I Phil-2106 Eastern Philosophy II
Phil-2102 Inductive Logic I Phil-2107 Inductive Logic II
Phil-2103 Contemporary Western Philosophy I Bot-2108 Genetics II
Phil-2104 The Cultural and Ethical Aspects of Environmental Conservation I Phil-2108 Contemporary Western Philosophy II
Hist-2001 History of Science and Technology I Hist-2004 History of Science and Technology II
Eng-3001 English Eng-3002 English
Phil-3101 Aesthetics I Phil-3107 Aesthetics II
Phil-3102 Advanced Logic I Phil-3108 Advanced Logic II
Phil-3103 Philosophy of History I Phil-3109 Philosophy of History II
Phil-3104 Myanmar Culture and Myanmar Ways of Thinking I Phil- 3110 Myanmar Culture and Myanmar Ways of Thinking II
Phil-3106 Ethics I -Theoretical Ethics Phil-3112 Ethics II- Applied Ethics
Eng-4001 English Eng. 4002 English
Phil-4101 Philosophy of Religion I Phil-4107 Philosophy of Religion II
Phil-4102 Problems of Philosophy I Phil-4108 Problems of Philosophy II
Phil-4103 Philosophy of Science I Phil-4109 Philosophy of Science II
Phil-4104 Research Methodology in Philosophy I Phil-4110 Research Methodology in Philosophy II
Phil-4106 The Historical Development of Political Thought I Phil-4112 The Historical Development of Political Thought II

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