Background History of Library

Mandalar Degree College Library was established in the year 2012. In our library, there were 5 members of librarians. There were 4,047 full text journals, newspapers, research papers, images and the other knowledge books.
E-library can use starting from 2017 August. Access to a wide range of scholarly e-journal and e-book collections, plus high-quality reference information and academic databases, is now available to faculty and students at the Mandalar Degree College through the e-Library Myanmar project.
Access to all e-Resources is available on campus through the campus WiFi and also from access terminals in the library.
In addition to eResource, the library maintains various Myanmar books, newspapers & periodical archives, Myanmar manuscripts and rare books for the faculty and students.

You can use our E-Library here…



Users can search and read the full text of over 4,047 full text journals, newspapers, research papers, images and the other knowledge books as below.

No. Categories Code Number of Books
1 General Knowledge 000 66
2 Phycology 100 130
3 Religions 200 181
4 Politics & Economic 300 117
5 Languages, English Grammar, Speaking & Dictionary 400 104
6 Social Science 500 23
7 Applied Science (Medical, Farming) 600 72
8 Art & Sport 700 23
9 Literature, Novel, Articles, Address & Poems 800 707
10 Tourism & Geography 900 268
11 All English Books 750
12 Journal of the Myanmar Academy of Art and Science 441
13 Universities’ Research Journal 665
14 Magazine 500
Total 4047

Library Facilities & Services

For the convenience of the faculty and students, the library also provides facilities such as discussion rooms, training rooms, IT help desk and access terminals.

Contact us for more information on the facilities & services offered.