Mandalar Degree College

Subject Curriculum

မ-၁၀၀၁ ျမန္မာစာ မ-၁၀၀၂  ျမန္မာစာ
Eng-1001 English Eng-1002 English
Geog-1101 Physical Geography Geog-1103 Climatology
Geog-1102 Map Work & Basic Techniques I Geog-1104 Map Work & Basic Techniques II
AM-1001 Aspects of Myanmar AM-1002 Aspects of Myanmar
Geol-1001 General Geology I Geol-1003 General Geology II
Eng-2001 English Eng-2002 English
Geog-2101 Integrated Human Geography Geog-2105 Environmental Geography
Geog-2102 Geography of Developing Countries Geog-2106 Geography of Developed Countries
Geog-2103 Surveying and Map Projections Geog-2107 Cartography & Topographic Map Reading
Geog-2104 Fundamentals of Remote Sensing Geog-2108 Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems
Geol-2001 Outline Geology of Myanmar I Geol-2001 Outline Geology of Myanmar II
Eng-3001 English Eng-3002 English
Chem-3101 Soil Geography Geog-3107 Bio Geography
Chem-3102 Geography of Settlement Geog-3108 Urban Geography
Chem-3103 Economic Geography I Geog-3109 Economic Geography II
Chem-3104 Descriptive Statistics in Geography Geog-3110 Inferential Statistics in Geography
Chem-3105 Geography of World Regions Geog-3111 Cultural Geography
Eng-4001 English Eng-4002 English
Geog-4101 Geomorphology I Geog-4106 Geomorphology II
Geog-4102 Political Geography I Geog-4107 Political Geography II
Geog-4103 Geography of Myanmar I Geog-4108 Geography of Myanmar II
Geog-4104 Agricultural Geography Geog-4109 Manufacturing Geography
Geog-4105 Application of Geospatial Technology in Geographical Analysis Geog-4110 Research Methodology in Geography and Field Training
Eng-3001 English Eng-3002 English
Geog-3201 Soils Geography Geog-3207 Bio Geography
Geog-3202 Geography of Settlement Geog-3208 Urban Geography
Geog-3203 Economic Geography I Geog-3209 Economic Geography II
Geog-3204 Descriptive Statistics in Geography Geog-3210 Inferential Statistics in Geography
Geog-3205 Geography of World Regions Geog-3211 Cultural Geography
Eng. 4001 English Eng. 4002 English
Geog.4201 Geomorphology I Geog.4206 Geomorphology II
Geog.4202 Political Geography I Geog.4207 Political Geography II
Geog.4203 Geography of Myanmar I Geog.4208 Geography of Myanmar II
Geog.4204 Agricultural Geography Geog.4209 Manufacturing Geography
Geog.4205 Application of Geospatial Technology in Geographical Analysis Geog.4210 Research Metrology in Geography and Field Training