Department of Geology

Background History of the Department of Geology

U Zaw Tun


Recent Appointment Duty  _Mandalar  Degree College, Geology Department, Lecturer. Address _No(902), Corner of Jasmine Road & Khaingshwewar Road, Chanmyatharsi Tow Geology department is established 2014, June, in Mandalay Degree College. It has an appointment only one Lecturer. General geology, Outline geology of Myanmar (Minor Subject) lecture at the First year and Second year  for geography specializations

Earth Processes; External geological processes: Weathering; Geological works of running water, Groundwater, mass movement, the sea, wind, and ice.Internal geological processes: Volcanism; Seismicity; Orogeny; Plate Tectonics. Geological Structures; Folds; Faults; joints; Unconformities.

Earth History; Radiometric Dating; Geologic Timescale; Fossils and Fossilization; Evolution of life.Earth Resources: Types of mineral deposits; Fossil Fuels; mineral deposits of Myanmar.